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What is Girl Scouting?

Girl Scouting is a worldwide movement that provides girls and young women, aged 4 to 21 years old, a non-formal educational program based on character development and the ideals of service. The Movement is open to girls and young women of diverse race and religion and cuts across social barriers. Membership is voluntary. The Movement is non-political and non-sectarian. It is independent and non-governmental and helps in nation-building through efforts pertaining to the home, school, church, government units, and other agencies. While girls are the focus of the Movement, the adult volunteers also enjoy many stimulating opportunities by serving the Movement. These volunteers hold ultimate responsibility for the Movement. Self-training through enriching experiences in Girl Scouting influences girls and young women into becoming change agents who are responsible, decisive, useful, respected, and acknowledged citizens in a changing world.

The GSP Logo

  • The color green depicts youth.
  • The three loops forming the trefoil (green) symbolize the three parts of the Girl Scout Promise: God, country, and mankind.
  • The circle stands for the sisterhood of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting around the world.
  • The stars (white) represent Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.
  • The stalk (white) serves as a reminder of the strong foundation which supports the organization in its character-formation and values-education initiatives.
Mission Vision
To help girls and young women realize the ideals of womanhood and prepare themselves for their responsibilities in the home, the nation and the world community. Filipino girls and young women who are God-loving, patriotic, progressive, dynamic, and proactive.
The Girl Scout Promise The Girl Scout Law
  • The Girl Scout Law
  • To God and my country.
  • To help other people at all times
  • And to live by the Girl Scout Law.
  • A Girl Scout’s honor is to be trusted.
  • A Girl Scout is loyal.
  • A Girl Scout is helpful.
  • A Girl Scout is a friend to all and a sister to every other Girl Scout.
  • A Girl Scout is courteous.
  • A Girl Scout respects living things.
  • A Girl Scout is disciplined.
  • A Girl Scout is self-reliant.
  • A Girl Scout is thrifty.
  • A Girl Scout is clean in thought, word and deed.

Officers and Central Board

Triennium 2021 - 2024

Dr. Cristina Lim-Yuson

National President

Dr. Fe Violeta B. Taring

1st National Vice President

Dr. Josefina M. Parentela

2nd National Vice President

Ms. Olivia Celeste M. Villafuerte

National Secretary

Dr. Amelita Dayrit Go

National Treasurer

Dr. Christine P. Aranilla

Asst. National Secretary

Ms. Rose Jade Eugenie S. Delgado

Asst. National Treasurer

Mrs. Susan R. Locsin

International Commissioner

Roselyn B. Davadilla

National Executive Director

Members of the Central Board

Charter/Life Members

Dr. Salud A. Bagalso

Life Member

Dr. Paz H. Diaz

Life Member

Dr. Amelita Dayrit-Go

Life Member

Atty. Eugenia U. Fernandez

Life Member

Dr. Josefina M. Parentela

Life Member

Mrs. Fe S. Llanos

Life Member

Dr. Dinah F. Mindo

Life Member

Dr. Cristina L. Yuson

Life Member

Dr. Fe Violeta B. Taring

Life Member


Hon. Myra Paz. V. Abubakar

Ar. Maria Nina B. Arce

Ms. Hyacinth B. Bangero

Dr. Isabelita M. Borres

Ms. Michelle L. Alvarez

Dr. Christine P. Aranilla

Hon. Arlynn H. Arcilla

Mrs. Alice A. Pañares

Ms. Justine Danielle P. Bautista

Ms. Rose Jade Eugenie S. Delgado

Dr. Leonida B. Ortiz

Dr. Kathryn U. Roa

Dr. Psyche M. Sucaldito

Ms. Czieloh Jomea C. Villajin

Mrs. Olivia Celeste M. Villafuerte

Immediate Past National President

Mrs. Susan R. Locsin

Boy Scouts of the Philippines National President

Hon. Dale B. Corvera

Regional Chairpersons

Atty. Corazon R. Abad

Northern Luzon Region

Dr. Carmelita L. Palabay

Central Luzon Region

Mrs. Eloisa Angela DL. Portugal

Southern Luzon Region

Hon. Ma. Antonia E. Villegas

Visayas Region

Ms. Percianita G. Racho

Eastern Mindanao Region

Mrs. Evelyn T. Uy

Western Mindanao Region

Girl Representatives

Cdt. GS Aira Collene S. Ragos

Northern Luzon Region

Cdt. GS Ciarra Patria G. Pascual

Central Luzon Region

Cdt. GS Sophia Lynn C. Alba

Southern Luzon Region

Cdt. GS Cearlovey D. Granali

Visayas Region

Cdt. GS Joriegae M. Abales

Eastern Mindanao Region

Cdt. GS Allyza Sophia P. Manundo

Western Mindanao Region

Senior Staff

Roselyn B. Davadilla

National Executive Director

Quesha May T. Suaco

Assistant National Executive Director for Finance

Cheryl S. Andal

Internal Auditor

Mildred S. Mendoza

General Services Director

Ma. Carmen B. Gerundio

Training Director

Ana May Santiago

Membership Division Director

Cecile V. Ubungen

National Equipment Services Director

Marian Elizabeth L. Malihan

Center Director, AT NPTC

Jade V. Reyes

Program Director

Jovynal C. Anos

Personnel & Legal Services Director

Ma. Theresa F. Reyes

Officer -in-Charge Communications & Publications Division




901 Padre Faura Street, Ermita, Manila

Trunkline: (632) 8-5238331 to 42

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